Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chaosmos- Episode 2 (Lobo Rising): He

“…now that she's back in the atmosphere with drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey ye hey heyyy…”, crooned some obscure Earthian singer from a bygone millennium on the ‘Platinum Oldies’ UFM channel.

“Perfect bloody timing!” mumbled Artemis bitterly, as she flicked her telekine* bearing finger a tad too vigorously to shut him up. It was crucial to locate Jupiter and bring it back before anyone noticed, especially Taur. But how? She needed an aide, bloody fast too. She ran her fingers through her golden mane rather absentmindedly as she hovered nervously from one end of her deck to the other and back. And then it struck her like a hypergamma ray.

19 quick flicks of the T-finger, and the raudioscreen lit up. A rather wolf-like creature- shaggy, tattooed, and remotely humanoid, only double the size and muscle, appeared.

“Hiya, Timma dawl!” slur-growled the creature in a vaguely good-natured way. “What made ja raudio-up yer dusty ole pal? Can I help ja?”

Lost-Angel-Lobo a.k.a. Los-Lobos a.k.a. LAL was one messed up item. An inter-galactic Rocketbiker, a drifter, a mercenary, a metalhead, and a junkie to boot, even though the dirtiest substance couldn’t do much to his near-invulnerable constitution, LAL had modeled himself after Lobo- a vintage DC anti-superhero. In this rather successful bid, he had gotten himself fixed-up so many times that he was now one of the few bona-fide Romans** in the universe.

“You bloody well can, LAL. In fact, (although I hate to admit it) only you can.”, said Artemis, squinting at the motley assortment of pills, needles, CD’s, guns and dirty virtuoslides strewn across the floor upon the raudioscreen.

“Just collect your hairy behind and scoot to Jupiter’s orbit. Like now.”

“Anything fer ja, dawl. Ja gawt it. I’m shure ja gawt my interests all worked out.”

“Just come over, okay. ” said Artemis with a faint plea in her voice.

“Aw-kay! See ja!” replied LAL.

"And enough already with that put-on accent of yours." barked Artemis just before the raudioscreen faded back to black.

*Telekine= A minute neutronic device that can be installed in the form of a sticky chip on one’s fingernail to amplify one’s telekinetic abilities
**Roman= a colloquialism for Robot-Man, or a humanoid who’s got organo-robotic parts in his body



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